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In the world of fall protection everybody's situation is different, and I don't know what you need or what your special circumstances may be.  However, Here's what I do know.  You need fall protection equipment to keep people from toppling off your current project... 

Now you could browse through pages of product listings and do-hickeys for roof anchors, safety harnesses, lanyards, and retractable lifelines, but that doesn't fix the problem.  The problem is that you might not know what you need, and even if you do know what you need, you don't want to waste your time hunting for it...

That's where I come in, my name is Safety Frank, and I'd like to fix that problem for you... Give me your specs and I'll figure out a fall protection solution for you.  I'll keep it very competitive and you'll get the same loyal service you'd expect from your local hardware store... without having to put on your pants. 

So us a call at 1-888-549-1700 or feel free to chat with us on our chat line.


It is important for manufacturing companies to protect their employees on the job. A safe environment for workers is a requirement for workers to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. Hazards could arise at many times especially on dangerous jobs so it is but essential to provide workers with fall protection systems that strictly comply with all ANSI standards. Employers should design and install proper fall protection systems by competently trained personnel. All workers should also be trained about the proper use and inspection of the equipment.

There are different fall protection systems that comply with standards available today. These are the guardrail system, personal fall arrest, positioning device system, safety monitoring, and the warning line system. Guardrail systems are used to protect the company's greatest assets, their workers and of course, expensive equipments. An effective guardrail system should consist of a top rail at least 42 inches from the floor, a mid rail installed mid-way between the top rail and bottom rail, and a bottom rail.  A guardrail system can be mounted either temporary or permanently.

The personal arrest system can be a lanyard, a body harness, an anchorage point, and a connector which is can support at least 5000 pounds. It is important that they should be inspected before every use.  A properly designed fall protection system can also include a vertical or horizontal lifeline system.

The warning line system, which is used around the roof, has lines and ropes as barriers to prevent one working on the roof from advancing to the edge of the roof. It has to be installed on all sides of the roof.  This system is only limited to low pitched roofs, though.
Safety monitoring system is about hiring a trained person to monitor and warn workers that are on an elevated surface from any possible fall hazard.

Fall Protection Systems should be tailored to each individual application.  Be sure to consult with a trained competent fall protection person.