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Guardian Roofers Bucket of Safety

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  • Guardian Roofers Bucket of Safety
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  • Guardian Roofers Bucket of Safety
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Guardian Roofers Bucket of Safety

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Guardian’s Bucket of Safe-Tie is often called compliance in a can. It provides a single worker with everything he or she would need to comply with OSHA standards. The kit includes a vertical lifeline assembly, anchor points, and a basic harness.

* The universal harness has 5 points of adjustment for comfort and the proper fit.

* The vertical lifeline includes a shock pack for fall arrest, an 18" extension lanyard to keep the permanently attached rope grab close, and your choice of a 25 ft. or 50 ft. of 5/8 in. rope.

* This bucket includes your choice of anchor point including, 5 snappy disposable anchors, 2 stainless steel reusable anchors, 1 HD Temper Reusable Anchor, and 1 SP-Anchor.

* Meets all applicable OSHA Standards.

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Snappy Anchor 5 Snappy Disposable Anchors
Stainless Steel Anchor 2 Stainless Steel Anchors
Temper Reusable Anchor 1 Temper Reusable Anchor
SP-Anchor 1 SP-Anchor
Ridge It 1 Ridge It Anchor

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