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Reflective Gear

Reflective gear refers to items of clothing such as high visibility vests or jackets which are worn by construction or industrial workers, to make them very visible especially to vehicles. There are 3 classes of visibility, ranging from Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3. Class 3 is has the most reflective wear on the clothing. The reflective nature of the clothing make it easy for the wearer to be spotted from a distance, especially in places of low light, such as road construction. As indicated the reflective stripes on the clothing illuminate when any kind of light hits them. This is critical especially when vehicle headlights shine on them. Most construction workers also wear reflective gear so crane and other equipment operators can easily spot when moving equipment. Manholes or similar confined spaces may also require reflective gear. Easy spotting is essential for rescue operations and to help prevent accidents. Browse the products below from brands and click on the image or title for larger images and a more detailed description

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OccuNomix Multi-Pocketed Zipper Vest
Price From: $34.97

OccuNomix Short Sleeve Snap Vest
Price From: $44.47

OccuNomix Flame Retardant Vest
Price From: $64.57

OccuNomix Two Stripe Flame Retardant Vest
Price From: $68.77