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Guardian 20 ft. Web Retractable

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  • Guardian 20 ft. Web Retractable
  • Guardian 20 ft. Web Retractable

Guardian 20 ft. Web Retractable

SKU : GD10909
$370 In Stock


Guardian’s 20’ web retractable is lightweight and cost effective. The webbing is ideal for concrete workers because concrete splatter won’t harden and jam the mechanism. Oh, and it’s dependable.

* The quick-action braking system on this retractable makes you safer, faster. This retractable takes the guesswork out of stumbling off the roof.

* Stainless steel and non-corrosive components extend the life of this unit into its golden years.

* The durable aluminum housing stands up nicely to bumps and scrapes, staying strong until you fall.

* You can count on this retractable to work; you never get a second chance, unless you’re clumsy.

* This web retractable includes a swivel top, carabiner, and a tag line.

* This retractable needs re-certification every two years.

* For a longer lasting retractable check out an optional retractable cover which can be viewed by *Clicking Here*

* Manufactured in the U.S.A

* Meets all applicable OSHA/ANSI Standards.

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