The effort to reduce fatalities, essentially, has to be very high in every organization. The concern mostly has to come from both the employer as well as the employee. The requirement falls in place for both residential as well as commercial projects. Fall protection guidelines and regulations need to be followed.

There are various guidelines that fall in place according to this context. For any residential roofing job or if a worker is more than 6 feet of the ground or another lever, they need to be protected with a fall protection system.

Buckets of safety are a handy fall protection system to have available. They include a fall protection anchor, a fall protection harness, a lanyard with a rope grab, and a section of rope usually 25 to 50 feet in length..

Bucket of safety and other fall arrest safety kits

In any instance where an employee can show a risk of fall hazard exists, then it becomes mandatory for the employer to undertake proper fall safety measures. As such every fall protection plan has to be prepared and approved by the qualified person and at a minimum administered by a competent person trained in fall protection safety. This person should know how to use the components in a Bucket of Safety or any other fall protection system..

When you're working with aerial lifts or boom type platforms, including the bucket trucks and scissor lifts, the worker needs to have a safety harness and lanyard properly attached in order to achieve fall protection safety..

Fall protection restraints can also be effective fall protection system. In this case, he either needs to have an effective guardrail system, netting system, or has to be tied-off. .

The Various Tie-Off Methods Are Discussed In Here.

  • Restraint Systems: - this system incorporates the use of a body belt or harness. This has to have the capacity of preventing the fall of any worker from any height.
  • Positioning devices: - used mostly in cases of construction work, the positioning device is designed as a safety belt, or harness system, which is rigged to prevent the fall of the person in concern. It allows you to work with both hands free even on a vertical surface like a power pole. These lanyard devices mostly are of 2 feet or less in length and are not allowed for use in bucket trucks or scissor lifts.
  • Fall arrest systems: - the fall arrest system compels the prevention of a fall. It is able to withstand lateral and vertical loads caused by any arrested fall. A body harness, lanyard, and proper fall protection anchor are a must in this case.

As the guidelines state, the proper usage of fall protection safety methods can help arrest the fall of an employee. Remember in safety, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.