Companies working with hazards of height, essentially need to have all of their fall protection measures in place at all times. Governments of every country keep coming up with new fall protection measures that need to be taken. Each job site has unique challenges for fall protection safety. The usage and presence of proper fall arrest equipment, as well as fall arrest anchors help ensure proper measures of fall arrest safety at every workplace.

The frequency of incidents in regards to the fall protection issues should be of concern on every job site. From an OSHA standard, company supervisors realize that OSHA inspectors may chooses to visit the building site at any time. Proper fall safety measures are necessary to have on every job site. The inspector at any site will not be satisfied with the view of just a worker tied to the roof. They will also look into the fall arrest equipment and procedures in place.

Just to ensure that everything is in place, you will have to put together a basic fall arrest equipment plan.

To Help You With The Same, We Have Come Up With The Following Tips:

  • To start with, a basic knowledge of all fall arrest solutions is mandatory. To achieve a complete fall arrest protection plan, go through the various guidelines and standards put out by the government (OSHA). It is not possible to have detailed knowledge of every section, but one will need to have working knowledge of them. A competent person training course is a good place to start.
  • Get access to all other details of potential hazards that has happened otherwise. The proper assessment will incur identifying the nature of the work done, followed by proper risk assessment. This will be followed by an understanding of swing dangers and proper assessment of the same.
  • Now try and eliminate the risk of fall protection in every step. To begin with start with reverse engineering process. This simply means try to eliminate the hazards first, if possible. If they can't be eliminated, design a program to minimize a fall hazard.
  • Next address the problems and thereby find solutions to effect the same. Try and incorporate all fall arrest equipment necessary to gain advantage of the situation. Make sure there is no loophole in your system.
  • Last but not the least, ensure the equipment you purchase are approved for use in your country. For example, the USA and Canada have different equipment certifications standards. Your equipment may include a fall arrest anchors, a fall arrest harness, and a fall arrest lanyard at a minimum.

The proper usage of the fall arrest equipment will bring the best safety for your team at work.