Wind power industry, like any other industry demands properly trained workers and the maintenance of the equipment as necessary. This can be risky and at times a little tricky. Without proper knowledge and the proper fall safety equipment, any worker can fall victim to the accidents that are common in this fields. Since the windmills stand at considerable heights, one needs to climb the distance and maintain it accordingly with the proper use of fall protection equipment. A fall hazard is always a major concern.

Having a responsible authority person on windmill power and how to properly maintain the equipment is essential to assure the safety of the workers and the equipment. This can only happen if fall safety equipment is properly used. The safety equipment needed may include vertical fall arrest systems positioning lanyards, shock-absorbing lanyards, dual leg lanyards, positioning lanyards and/or a full body harness ladder system. A tool lanyard is also highly recommended for anyone using tools at elevated heights.

Fall safety equipment is required to ensure the safety to the workers who work at a heights and have the potential risk of falling. The main idea behind is to secure the position of the worker and allow their work to be a safe environment, even at the elevated heights.

This can be assured with the aid of the following fall arrest safety devices:

  • Vertical fall arrest systems
  • Positioning lanyards
  • Shock-absorbing lanyards
  • Dual leg lanyards to maintain continuous tie off
  • Full body harness ladder system
  • Tool lanyards

To use any fall protection equipment including shock-absorbing lanyards and dual leg lanyard, proper training is required. There is a particular method and technique by which you perform and assure full and proper use and of this equipment. This can be done and learned by the help of the properly trained fall protection personnel.

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