Preventing fall situations, by nature can be complex. More often than not, workers find themselves in situations where it becomes an utmost necessity to have the best of fall protection systems. A personal fall arrest system is usually the simplest and most cost effective solution.

When it comes to ladder fall safety, there are very few options to work with. In the case where you have a permanently mounted ladder, a ladder rail climbing system may be your safest option for Fall Arrest Ladder safety.

usage of ladder safety system for climbing

The rigid rail climbing system provides maximum climbing safety for workers in a multitude of applications such as: wind generators, towers, antennas, chimneys, signs, support poles, industrial building ladders etc. With this system, a rigid rail attaches to the ladder rungs for the length of the ladder. The rail trolley attaches to the rigid rail and moves freely along the rail until a slip or fall occurs.

At this point in time, the trolley instantly locks and the fall is immediately arrested. A full body climbing harness is needed such as the French Creek 631B harness. This is like a normal fall arrest harness except it has an additional D-ring in the front of the harness. The harness front D-ring is located where a normal belt buckle would be and attaches to the sliding trolley.

Each ladder fall arrest system is custom to the particular ladder. Remember an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure. What does this exactly mean? It is far easier to spend the extra dollars to prevent a fall situation such as a rail climbing system, then it is to fight the fines and lawsuits that would come in the event of an unprotected fall.