Ensuring the safety of guests and employees can be of great importance in the recreation industry. When you are managing a large theme park or a local emporium, sufficient protection of the guests as well as the staff is essential for success of the venture. Regular inspection and cleaning of the equipment is very important to maintain the functionality of the equipment. Thus implementation of the right Fall Protection and Safety equipment, can provide staff, customers and the business added levels of security.

usage of fall arrest safety harness in recreation industry

Custom-Designed For Fail-Safe Operations

The correct selection for fall protection systems, will get you years of safety and service for your staff members, while they perform the following maintenance activities:

  • Replacement of lights
  • Load testing and inspection of tiebacks.
  • Maintaining and lubricating monitors
  • Checking belts for wear signs
  • Corrosion remediation and detection
  • Painting and many other cosmetic repairs or improvements.

These activities form the main components of the maintenance and safety program on the rides of any theme park or entertainment facility. Customized Fall Protection and Safety equipment designed with stainless steel connectors as well as durable lifeline materials ensure added safety for the staff. It also helps them to perform their duties more effectively and reliably.

Increased Morale And Productivity

Prioritizing safety of employees as well as proper maintenance of the theme park, can have surprising benefits. Employees get much more productive when they know that the risks have been minimized.

Additionally, the custom designed Fall Protection and Safety equipment are proof of your company’s commitment to safety as well as accident prevention. It boosts employee morale and increases job satisfaction.

The value of using proper equipment, has been long known in the recreation industry. If the rides are in great working order, along with being safe for the guests, will help ensure the firm’s reputation for unlimited fun and safety.

The choice of the right company in providing fall protection and safety equipment is what matters the most in this case. With a comprehensive fall restraint and fall protection plan in place, the company can enjoy increased productivity in regular maintenance tasks.

Maintenance Of Standards

The recreation industry has several fall hazards unique to them. The hazards to this industry are not common with any other industry. The safety supply business that you are choosing has to be experienced in this particular field. ANSI or American National Standards Institute has laid down a few rules to abide by, which set forth the standards for fall protection and restraint devices. The full range of fall restraint devices led down by ANSI will include the following:

Standards of ANSI further provide guidelines, to maintain personal fall arrest systems which include recommendations regarding the following activities:

  • Vertical and horizontal regular lifeline inspection
  • Energy absorbers maintenance and full body harnesses
  • Proper fit and adjusting of equipment
  • Identifying connectors that could become dysfunctional.

Adhering to these standards of use for Fall Protection and Safety equipment can help ensure better degree of protection for staff members, who perform maintenance duties on a regular basis in the entertainment industry.