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Safety Harnesses

Safety harnesses are basic equipment required for workers whenever they are working more than 6 feet (4 feet for industrial) from the ground or another level. Safety harness is also termed as fall protection harness which is used to arrest a fall to either effect a self-rescue or to be rescued by someone else. This type harness allows a person access to conduct their work, but prevents them from reaching a point where a fall could occur. Safety harnesses with side D-rings may also be used as a positioning harness and are usually anchored with 2 positioning lanyards that are 2 feet or less in length. Here you can find full range of full body harnesses, vest harness and fall arrest equipment from brand like Miller, DBI Sala and 3 M and Guardian fall protection with warranty included.

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D-Ring Pass-Through Safety Vest
Price From: $15.57

Miller Step Relief

Regular Price: $22.97

Special Price $21.97

Protecta PRO™ Vest-Style Harness

Regular Price: $52.00

Special Price $48.36

Elk River Safety Green Freedom Vest Harness

Regular Price: $179.00

Special Price $145.50

French Creek Flotation Harness

Safewaze No-Tangle Three-Ring Positioning Harness with Grommet Leg Straps & Back Pad

Regular Price: $130.00

Special Price $92.85