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Lifelines System

A large number of construction workers, painters, cleaners and the like, are seriously or fatally injured because of accidental falls while working. The nature of their daily work makes it essential for employers to provide them with fall protection gear. Guard rails are not always a viable option. Fall protection lifeline systems, rope grabs plays a very important role in the protection of workers and prevention of falls. A retractable lifeline system is composed of an anchor point, a retractable lifeline and a fall arrest harness. The two main kinds of lifeline systems are horizontal and vertical.

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Safewaze 100' Portable Kernmantle Rope Horizontal Lifeline System - 2-Person

Regular Price: $875.00

Special Price $625.00

Guardian Absorbinator Horizontal Lifeline System over 60'

Regular Price: $802.00

Special Price $695.93

Safewaze 80' Portable Double Braid Rope Horizontal Lifeline System - 4-Person

Regular Price: $1,060.00

Special Price $757.14

Safewaze SafeLink Come-A-Long Kit

Regular Price: $1,360.00

Special Price $971.42