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Guardian Beamer 2003

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  • Guardian Beamer 2003
  • Guardian Beamer 2003

Guardian Beamer 2003

SKU : GD00103
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The Beamer 2003 is a fall protection anchor that allows you to tie off at your feet or overhead to an H or I beam flange, making it pretty flexible. Ideal for steel erectors and maintenance works, it’s lightweight and can provide full fall arrest for a single user. If the beamer is attached at foot level a 5’ heavy-duty shock-absorbing lanyard is necessary.

* The Beamer 2003 fits 6” to 16” in beams to provide fall arrest while attached to an H or I Beam

* This anchor is weather resistant which means it resists rust and wear from the elements.

* The Beamer 2003 anchor is reusable and can be taken from job to job which saves your time and money that could be spent on hiring more qualified employees.

* The ratcheting end piece of the anchor makes it easy to lock into position without tearing a muscle or pooping a blood vessel in frustration.

* This fall protection anchor is lightweight and easily portable to each jobsite, even if Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t work for you.

* The Beamer 2003 slides easily across the flange in both directions so the anchor will never hold you up, and it won’t scratch the flange.

* Welding splatter doesn’t stick to the aircraft aluminum bar, so you’ll never have to worry about molten metal affecting the life of your beamer.

* Absolutely no tools are required to lock a Beamer 2003 into place, making it efficient and user friendly. The dumbest person on your jobsite could install this.

* Meets all applicable OSHA Requirements.

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