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French Creek Fall Protection

French Creek Fall Protection

French Creek Production is a straight forward and solid fall protection manufacturer from Franklin, Pennsylvania. French Creek safety equipment, French Creek safety harnesses, lanyards, roof anchors are widely used in factory and construction settings throughout the United States.

The company has grown up in the shadows of other major manufacturers. French Creek has been able to build a legacy of high quality products at competitive prices. We offer a wide selection of French Creek fall protection products including anchors, lanyards, and safety harnesses online at great prices, warranty included . If you see something that you can’t find, give us a call at 888-549-1700.

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French Creek Drawstring Bag

French Creek Tool Lanyard

French Creek Lanyard Pouch

French Creek U-Step

French Creek 1" Gate Carabiner Twist Lock Steel 3.6K Meets ANSI Z Stds

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Special Price $19.90