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Positioning Lanyard

Positioning Lanyard

Positioning lanyards are recommended for work positioning or restraint only. This kind of fall arrest lanyard enables the user to work hands free. In the case of a restraint lanyard, they will keep the worker at a safe distance from the fall edge. These type of fall arrest safety lanyards are usually connected to the side D-rings of your harness, therefore be sure to order your fall protection harness with side D-rings. The side d-rings are an option that do not come on all fall protection harnesses.

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French Creek 1" Gate Carabiner Twist Lock Steel 3.6K Meets ANSI Z Stds

Regular Price: $22.00

Special Price $19.90

French Creek 6' Position Single Leg Lanyard with 74N Lock Snap Hooks Rated 400 lbs.

Regular Price: $38.00

Special Price $33.50

Guardian 3' Non-Shock Lanyard

Guardian 6 ft. Single Leg Non-Shock Lanyard With Snap Hooks
Price From:

Regular Price: $37.50

Special Price $34.00