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DBI Sala 3M Fall Protection Equipment

DBI Sala 3M Fall Protection Equipment

DBI-Sala was purchased by Capital Safety. Capital Safety has now been purchased by 3M. Anchors, fall protection lanyards, safety harness, retractable, etc. are all essential equipment that ensure utmost protection to workers while they are at work. A minor fault or malfunction of these can prove to be fatal.

Hence, every employer should ensure that they use the best quality safety harness, safety lanyard, etc. No matter what your working space is, get yourself and your workers protected with these practical, easy to use and cost effective construction protection equipment of DBI Sala/3M brand. The complete range includes safety harness, safety lanyard, DBI SALA 3M full body safety harness, snap hooks. All are available at best prices on, warranty included!

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Delta™ Vest-Style Retrieval Harness w/ Back and Shoulder D-Rings

Regular Price: $140.00

Special Price $130.20

DBI 6' Web Nano Lanyard

DBI-Sala Rebel Self Retracting Lifeline 11' Web SRL

Regular Price: $210.56

Special Price $187.00

DBI-SALA Compliance in a Can with Roof Anchor

Regular Price: $207.00

Special Price $194.07

Delta™ Construction Style Positioning Harness with Side D-Rings

Regular Price: $212.00

Special Price $197.16

DBI Sala Derrick Belt with Pass Thru Buckle Connection

Regular Price: $215.00

Special Price $199.95

DBI-Sala Orange Vest Harness

Delta™ Comfort Vest-Style Positioning Harness, Quick Connect Leg & Chest Straps

Regular Price: $228.00

Special Price $212.04