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Here you will find a wide range of fall protection anchors, safety anchors for roofs, anchors for concrete and stainless steel anchors for concrete or steel. We understand that for various situations, different types of safety equipment are required. Hence, we ensure that you will find the vast majority of every type of equipment that you are looking right here at We strive to bring both a broad selection and the best manufacturers (SafeWaze, Guardian, French Creek) together by offering a myriad of such equipments without compromising quality. It must be ensured that whatever project you are working on, that there should be a secure point of attachment, irrespective of the fact that the application is concrete, steel, or wood based. The fall protection anchor point must be able to with stand a fall force of a minimum of 5000 pounds.

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Guardian Swivel Concrete Anchor Kit

Regular Price: $154.00

Special Price $149.00

French Creek Parapet Anchor

Regular Price: $491.67

Special Price $330.00

Guardian CB-18 Roof Anchor for Metal/Wood Deck

Regular Price: $375.00

Special Price $369.95

Capital Safety Beam Trolley

Guardian Eco Anchor

Regular Price: $3,250.00

Special Price $3,239.00

Safewaze Heavyweight Free-Standing Anchor

Regular Price: $6,000.00

Special Price $4,285.71