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Stainless Steel Anchors

Stainless Steel Anchors

The stainless steel anchor that you find here exudes optimum quality and ensures that the anchor points will not be attacked by rust as normal steel is. The stainless steel fall protection safety equipment is an integral part of the support and protection aspect. Lack of fall protection equipment or improper use of fall protection equipment, is the number one cause of death on a construction site. Hence, we make sure that all the stainless steel fall protection anchors that we store here are of the best quality and are sourced from the most reputed manufacturers including SafeWaze, Guardian, DBI-Sala and French Creek. We do not compromise on the quality ever.

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SafeWaze D-Plate Anchor

SafeWaze D-Bolt Anchor

Regular Price: $42.57

Special Price $35.97

SafeWaze Swivel D-Bolt Anchor

Guardian CB-1-W Weld On Anchor

Regular Price: $86.47

Special Price $73.37

Guardian CB-1-B Bolt On Anchor

French Creek Bolt Hole Girder Anchor

Regular Price: $158.95

Special Price $146.95

Guardian Beamer 2000

Regular Price: $208.27

Special Price $170.00