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Roof Fall Protection Anchors

Roof Fall Protection Anchors

A safety anchor for roofs is indispensable equipment for anyone working above the ground in a construction setting. At high working levels, a little error can prove to be fatal. Hence, employers must ensure that their workers are provided the best quality roof safety anchors for fall protection. Most construction engineers are designing permanent roof top anchors into the design of the project. This is convenient especially for workers to safely perform maintenance tasks on the roof mounted equipment. These may include such things as HVAC, telecommunications or other such related equipment. Here you will find a complete range of permanent fall arrest roof anchors that are designed for all of the various types and pitches of roof construction. The products listed here are of the best quality and priced quite competitively. Choose from a wide range of products from reputed manufacturers.

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Safewaze Knock-Down Roof Anchor

Regular Price: $8.00

Special Price $5.71

Safewaze Reusable Roof Anchor

Regular Price: $26.00

Special Price $18.57

Guardian Ridge-It Permanent Roof Anchor
Price From: $19.97

Guardian 18" Ridge-It Permanent Anchor 2 D-Rings Stainless Steel

Regular Price: $34.95

Special Price $32.61

Guardian WA-Anchor

Guardian Truss Boss Roof Anchor

Regular Price: $49.97

Special Price $43.39

Guardian Halo Anchor

Regular Price: $52.09

Special Price $48.61